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Graduate Certificate in Business

The Graduate Certificate in Business provides you with essential skills and knowledge to advance your management and business career. With the strong focus on Management and Leadership, Accounting, Human Resource Management, and Marketing, this course provides a thorough overview of essential management and business functions.

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Qualification Level

Graduate Certificate in Business


6 months

Course Delivery

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Unit Areas Include:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Accounting and Business Analysis
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management

First Year

Term 1

MB01 - Management and Leadership

The unit is designed for students who have or are likely to acquire managerial responsibility and/or who have leadership aspirations. Students will be required to critically analyse current theories and practices of management and leadership, as well as engage in the development of personal leadership attributes and strengths.

EFTSL: 0.125
Pre-requisite Units: Nil

MB02 - Accounting and Business Analysis

This unit equips the students to fully understand the business information through accounting and know how to interpret it. This unit allows the student to gain knowledge in reading accounting reports, interpreting information and analyse and project future change and growth.

EFTSL: 0.125
Pre-requisite Units: Nil

Term 2

MB03 - Managing People

This unit equips the students to fully understand the development and implementation of organisational strategy by representing the concerns and issues surrounding human resources, including diversity, staffing, employment law and training and development.

EFTSL: 0.125
Pre-requisite Units: Nil

MB04 - Marketing Management

The aim of this unit is for students to develop knowledge and skills regarding key concepts in marketing, understanding the marketing environment, and demonstrate critical marketing planning, implementation and evaluation skills.

EFTSL: 0.125
Pre-requisite Units: Nil

Term 1, 2022

Commencement: 7th February 2022
Census: 21st February 2022
Completion: 8th April 2022

Term 2, 2022

Commencement: 26th April 2022
Census: 10th May 2022
Completion: 24th June 2022

Term 3, 2022

Commencement: 18th July 2022
Census: 1st August 2022
Completion: 16th September 2022

Term 4, 2022

Commencement: 10th October 2022
Census: 24th October 2022
Completion: 9th December 2022

2022 Tuition Fees

Course Duration Number of Units Tuition Fee per Unit Total Course Cost
Graduate Certificate in Business 6 months full time (2 x 9-week terms) or up to 2 years part-time 4 $2,490.00 $9,960.00

Payment of Fees

Each Term, the unit fee is paid for each unit in which the student is enrolled. Students are able to either pay their own fees for each unit in which they are enrolled or choose to pay the unit fees using FEE-HELP (if eligible). Students can also choose to pay a portion of their unit fees themselves and the remaining portion using FEE-HELP (if eligible). Please note that the above unit fees are current for this calendar year and are reviewed and changed at the Institute's discretion for future terms.

Please click here to view the unit tuition fees.

FEE-HELP is available for eligible students to pay their tuition (unit) fees. You can find out more about Fee Help from the following publication: Fee Help Information – 2022. The Request for FEE-HELP Assistance form to apply for FEE-HELP will be provided to you upon being offered a place in the course or, for current students, with your term enrolment information.

If paying their own fees, students provide credit card details on the Term Enrolment Form or pay their fees by cheque or money order. Unit fees are due within 14 days of the Term commencing and an invoice/receipt is issued to the student.

Additional and Non-Tuition Costs

The following additional and/or non-tuition costs apply:


Textbook requirements vary between units and there are price variations between textbooks. Students receive a Textbook List with their Confirmation of Term Enrolment pack. Students are able to source textbooks from other suppliers if they choose. Students are encouraged to submit their online textbook order through the Co-Op prior to commencing their studies for the Term.


External students borrowing hard copy library resources will need to pay for postage to return the borrowed item/s to the Institute at Locked Bag 15, Fortitude Valley 4006. Please refer to the Australia Post postage calculator for current indicative pricing:

For students living overseas, please check postage costs with your chosen postal or courier service. Overdue items are charged at $1- per day until the item is returned.

Entry Requirements

You can apply for entry into the Graduate Certificate in Business if you have achieved the following:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree (AQF Level 7) in any field and at least two years relevant management, supervisory or technical experience, OR
  • An Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree (AQF Level 6) and at least three years relevant management, supervisory or technical experience, OR
  • At least five years relevant technical or professional experience with at least three years management or supervisory experience.

Applicants are required to submit certified copies of their qualifications, a Curriculum Vitae and statements of service/written references from employers/line managers/supervisors, and a personal competency essay (300 words) to confirm experience and capability of the applicant. Further information on how to provide this is provided from College staff during the application process.

Financial Investment

You can choose to finance your unit fees through the FEE-HELP system. Alternatively, you can choose to pay your unit fees directly to us each Term, or use a combination of funding part of your fees through FEE-HELP and paying the remainder yourself.

The College strives to offer high quality tertiary qualifications at a reasonable and comparable price to other institutions.

  • You will receive excellent personal support from our team of professional Lecturers and staff. College Higher Education staff are required to be as highly qualified and experienced as university staff.
  • You will have the flexibility to fit your studies around your life commitments
  • You will gain a reasonably-priced, business industry specific tertiary qualification.

How To Enrol

We encourage you to complete your enrolment as soon as possible for acceptance into the Graduate Certificate in Business to reserve your place prior to the commencement of the next Term. To apply, simply complete and submit an Online Course Enrolment at (You can save your application and return to finish it later if you need).

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Student successes

We support our students in their dreams of a new career and we're proud of all their success.

As a new manager, I was looking for a course that would provide me with the skills and knowledge to make the most of my role. COLAB’s Graduate Certificate in Business was perfect for this as it has helped me to understand my role within a large organisation. It has also enhanced my analytic, leadership, marketing and strategic skills.

Hayley Wood

Graduate, Graduate Certificate in Business

Studying at College of Leadership and Business is not only affordable but is also very flexible. I am able to manage my studies along with my regular work and other commitments. I was very well guided at COLAB, I have completed my Graduate Certificate in Business successfully and have now moved into the Master of Business Administration at COLAB.

Kenneth Welsh

Graduate, Graduate Certificate of Business
Student, Master of Business Administration

The support from the team of lecturers was appreciated and they went out of their way to ensure that success is achievable. I have struggled with accounting concepts for many years and have attempted to complete this topic previously at other institutions.

Pamela Hetmanska

Graduate, Graduate Cetificate in Business
Student, Master of Business Administration

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