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Learning changes our lives by helping in choosing our aspiring career path

As COVID hit and I lost my long-time job, luckily, I chose to study Graduate Certificate in Business with College of Leadership and Business. From there things started changing, I got back my job in the hospitality industry and I am now enjoying my study as well.

Kenneth Welsh

Student, Master of Business Administration

I found that the support from the lecturers is priceless.

This program is well tailored to deliver the best outcome for my purposes. The powerful academic knowledge to back up my skills sets and help me progress further in my current senior management career.

Alan Kammouni

Student, Master of Business Administration

COLAB has mindfully designed courses that has enabled a full time professional as me to study without the downtime from work.

Mentoring, flexibility, comprehensive tutorials, and support have been but a few of the many standout qualities I have experienced with COLAB

Alfred Fotu

Student, Bachelor of Business

I have set myself goals and one of them is to have an internship in one of the businesses in Mackay QLD.

Studying with COLAB online has been an amazing journey, I can fit it easily into my daily life running around after the kids, not only that I can read the study guide and check out the HELP site on my mobile when I’m out.

Fiona Barker

Student, Bachelor of Business

The online resources and library have provided me the tools to reach my academic achievements.

The application of these tools allows me to confidently make sound decisions in relation to people management and strategy as well as building strategies for start-up companies and creating strategies for my own personal fiscal wealth.

Jaclyn Lewis


Thank you for the opportunity to really step out of my comfort zone and spread my wings.

I find COLAB to be the best facility as it is flexible and thorough and very connected to what is the reality. I truly am proud of the skills and knowledge I am gaining and the discipline that I am tapping into to obtain it.

Jodee Sinclair

Student, Bachelor of Business

I chose to get an MBA to broaden my employment options globally.

I have been very fortunate to have worked in leadership roles in a variety of countries and continents. When I began my studies at COLAB, I was introduced to new knowledge and skills that have significantly aided me in developing into a much better leader and decision maker.

Kuol Deng

Student, Master of Business Administration

I am able to implement the theoretical concepts learnt to my workplace.

The guidance and support from the COLAB team was so great that I have now progressed to the MBA from Grad Cert in Business. I am really hoping that this practical Master of Business Administration degree will take me through to greater heights.

Michael Blackburn

Student, Master of Business Administration

They went out of their way to ensure that success is achievable.

I am continuing my study and working through my MBA with COLAB as I know firsthand that they make themselves available to help you achieve success.

Pamela Hetmanska

Student, Master of Business Administration

The course creates an opportunity to pursue a far wider range of business ventures and really opens a new business world.

I embarked on the MBA study course daily to complete a degree I started 20 years ago and need to complete it. It was a plan in my business path, I always had the will to complete it however was always too busy to do the course and had small children at the time.

Patrick Swanepoel

Student, Master of Business Administration