About Us

The College of Leadership and Business provides our students with high quality learning materials, flexibility and a supportive learning environment to achieve their learning goals. We provide a real world learning experience that can be applied in the professional world.

We are a national registered training organisation and higher education provider which specialises in the delivery of business Degree qualifications.

Our learning principles

The College of Leadership and Business considers our students individual approaches to study, and develop our curriculum resources and assessments with this in mind. Our students are at the core of everything that we do, and tailor our delivery approach and teaching methods to help you reach your study goals.

Your learning environment

As a student, you will gain the relevant skills and knowledge and be more successful if you enjoy what and how you are learning. We believe that this type of environment cultivates and enhances your learning journey.

Many of our students may not have studied for a while and are concerned about their ability to succeed. Our supportive approach gives you the potential to thrive.

Relevant learning

The skills and knowledge that our students gain through their qualifications are relevant and applicable to today’s professional market, and our Educators incorporate their own experiences and knowledge into the educational services that we provide to enhance your learning experiences.

The College of Leadership and Business remove barriers to the learning process, giving our students the opportunity to understand and enjoy what, and why, they are learning.

Flexible delivery options

The College of Leadership and Business has a national network of Student Support Centres, along with a dedicated Study Assistance Line as well as online support, so you will always have the assistance you need. Our programs are delivered through flexible, online learning so you can study when, and where, it suits you.

Beyond Learning

Whether it is to gain entry into an industry or to enhance your current career prospects, our courses will assist you in your journey. We congratulate you on making the exciting decision to enhance your knowledge and skills in an industry that interests you.